How to start franchising a business?

"Give Us 2 Hours of Your Time and We Will Determine What You Need To... Franchise Your Business and Start Selling Franchises Immediately!"

If you have a business that you think is ready to be franchised nationally, or internationally, you've come to the right place. TLC Franchising is fast becoming THE authority on Franchising in North America. Our team of franchise experts start with an in-depth assessment of your business, its systems, methods of promotion, current revenues as well as revenue potential and determine what you need to start selling franchises - immediately!

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The successful franchisor

What is needed for a franchisor to be really successful?

One can observe so many tips, things, which all franchisor should know and all of them are united in one, franchisor is leader, so he/she should not let franchisees to do what they want or something wrong.


No Assessment Plan

The Business common mistakes

For others though, they may not even realize the necessity to do so, and their business may be deeply into trouble before they spot the problems, when a regular assessment plan would have warned them to make changes sooner.

amida plus

AMIDA plus as a difference maker

Demand for printing, packaging production is filled

There is a quite high demand for printing, packaging production and there is hard to find a company that can supply good production with responsibility and responsiveness. However, modern market has discovered new company that is called to fill this gap – AMIDA plus .

Franchising for a fraction of the Cost

Most people think that they can't afford to franchise due to the high cost of lawyer's fees, State registration fees, consultancy fees, brokers fees, advertising fees and training programs. The fact is they can't afford not to franchise. We have affiliated ourselves with the best lawyers and consultants across North America and have the best legal documentation available for clients, at a fraction of the cost.

Up To Date

The laws governing franchising in the United States recently changed on July 1, 2008 and we have revised all of our documentation to conform.

Templated Legal Documentation

We can furnish your company with all the standard franchise documentation like the UFDD Franchise Disclosure Document required by the United States Federal Trade Commission, Franchise Agreement and Exhibits, automatic royalty payment forms, non-compete agreement and list of registration states with names and address of all registrars. This is everything you need in Do It Yourself form templates. All documents have been prepared by our affilliated Franchise Attorneys and have been used in all 50 United States and 24 other Countries. The templates can be used to develop any Franchise Business/p>

Templated Operations Manual

Our templated online version uses "information Charting" making it simple for franchisees to find information - online!